How to Take Good Photos

So, you bought a new camera? I know you are going to have so much fun with it. Photography is an exciting and fun hobby to have. You are able to capture exciting, memorable moments and see them again afterward, or you can simply take an excellent picture and hang it on your bedroom wall. What is good is that you need a costly camera to know how to take good photos. All you want is a simple camera and your own imagination. So, let’s get going!

a photographer showing how to take a good photo

You have to pay attention to many things if you wish to know how to take good photos. Below are some vital points, which will assist you:


If you’re waking outdoors or simply in the mood to take some pictures, you need to pay attention to any lines you may see. Lines lead the viewer’s eye; therefore, use those lines if you want people to think you know how to take high-quality pictures. For instance, railroad, if you stand on a railroad and you take an image of the two rails meeting in the distance, it implies depth.


This is associated with lines. If you look at pictures of people who know how to take high quality pictures, you will see that the object in their image is almost never centered. This is called the rule of thirds. You wish to imagine two horizontal en two vertical lines which equally divide the shot. To have a fantastic shot, you need to put the object on those lines or the points where the lines interconnect.

When taking images of landscapes, you can try placing the horizon on any of the two horizontal lines. Normally, you’re placing the horizon on one-third of your shot; this is why it is called the third rule.


This is a fun thing to play with. However, it depends on how much you try with it. Some will tell you that you must try to keep away from taking images into the sun, and in most instances, they would be right; however, there are times that effect can make something exceptional. You can try to make the illusion which the sun is rolling on the object’s finger or which the subject is holding the sun. You are just limited by your imagination.

When you’re taking pictures of people, it is best to utilize light that’s come from the side. This makes a better effect, and people will not be making faces like they are looking straight to sunlight.


Like we said in the past, you are just limited by your imagination. Experiment with things, try different angles, and then try breaking the rules in the book. You need to look for your own style, which just occurs if you go out and take more images. 

There are many other vital things we can discuss if you wish to know how to take good pictures, but this will do for at this point. The essential part is that you experiment with new things each time you go out as well as take pictures.…